Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery Recovery

"Is There Anything You Cannot Do After A Cervical Disc Replacement?"
by Dr. J. Alex Sielatycki

After you've had a cervical disc replacement and things have healed and you've been given clearance by your surgeon, there really is nothing that you can not do that you wouldn't do otherwise.

So I have patients that have had disc replacements and gone back to competitive boxing without restrictions. And now that doesn't mean that you should do that after you've had a disc replacement. But once things have healed, you can go back to your normal life doing activities just as you wish.

There are many patients that are into skiing and rock climbing and skydiving and all of these things and I would not restrict a patient from that. Now, immediately after surgery, you want to avoid any trauma to the neck and you need to be a little more careful in what you do. But once you've healed and recovered, there really are no restrictions from my perspective.

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