Herniated Disc Exercises To Avoid?

"What Should You Not Do With A Herniated Disc In Your Neck?"
by Dr. J. Alex Sielatycki

In general, for people that have a disc herniation and we know that's what's going on, and they're looking at what activities they can do, I typically will say that you can do what you feel you can tolerate without severely worsening your symptoms. So walking - even light exercise is OK - as long as it's not severely worsening pain, shooting down one arm or another.

Now, when you know you have a disc herniation in your neck and it's causing your symptoms, it is wise to avoid anything that's going to cause trauma to your neck. So whiplash-type injuries can worsen things. So I would advise against high impact or high energy activities like skiing, bungee jumping, roller coasters. Things are going to get your head around. That probably goes without saying. But you do need to be a little bit careful with chiropractic manipulations, with disc herniations (when you have a disc herniation) avoiding really severe or aggressive manipulations, rapid movements in the neck, that can make it worse. That's not to say that gentle manipulation shouldn't be done. You absolutely can have gentle stretching done, gentle traction, and those things can even help.

So really, impact sports (things that put you at risk for injuring your neck or your head) like bungee jumping, those things should probably be avoided when you have a disc herniation.

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