Cervical Spine Operation Success Rate

"How Successful Is A Cervical Disc Replacement Procedure?"
by Dr. Benjamin Geddes

They are very successful. I mean, I think as a spine surgeon, most spine surgeons would tell you this is one of the best operations that we do, particularly the cervical spine or neck surgery through the front of the neck. It's just a very nice approach, both from a surgical surgeon's standpoint and a patient standpoint. The post-operative pain is much less and I think most patients anticipate it's a muscle-sparing technique, meaning you can basically use normal planes in the tissue. You don't have to cut any muscles.

And the surgery itself is really a reproducible thing in terms of giving relief of symptoms, of pain, numbness, weakness. Patients just tend to do very well from it. The healing process is relatively straightforward, predictable, and I think most patients are really surprised at how straightforward it is and how well they feel afterward.

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