Does Herniated Disc Heal On Its Own?

"Can A Herniated Disc In The Neck Heal Itself?"
by Dr. Benjamin Geddes

Yeah, I mean, it certainly can. And there's a variety of things. I mean it you can have a pureasoft disc herniation, particularly in a younger person. And that certainly can, your body has the potential to absorb and heal itself. Again, it's just very unpredictable how long that can take and sort of what level of symptoms you are willing to accept in the meantime. And that can be weeks or probably more likely months or longer to heal itself.

And, you know, there is another kind of scenario where you have maybe an older individual or just someone who has more advanced arthritis and you have arthritic changes where there are bone spurs and other things pushing on the nerves in addition to some element of soft disc herniation. In that case, although you have some ability to resorbed the softest component, the arthritic components like the bone spurs are not something that would get better. So in that scenario, it's probably less likely to get much significant improvement over time, although some are possible.

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